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Effective December 1, 2007


Use of the Ask the EAP web service constitutes your acceptance of the following Terms & Conditions, as well as the Terms & Conditions of the overall website (the “Site”), and the Site Privacy and Data Collection Policy. The following Ask the EAP Terms & Conditions of Use are in addition to and do not replace the Site’s Terms & Conditions of Website Use and the Site’s Privacy and Data Collection Policy.

The Ask the EAP email service allows employees of member companies and/or their family members and members of the EAP’s staff to send and receive encrypted email messages. Although the emails are encrypted during transfer, please realize that an archive of your message(s) may be “invisibly” retained on your computer or our computer systems. The EAP does not offer or perform any specialized services to wipe information completely clean from your or our computer systems.

We will delete your messages at the end of our conversation. Likewise, your email address will not be retained. Even if you eventually sign an agreement to become a client of the EAP, your emails will be deleted – they will not become a part of a permanent file. The EAP agrees to not forward electronic copies of emails that contain personal information. When the EAP sends an email response to a question or concern, we will not retain the original message in the email chain. Use of the Ask the EAP e-mail service will not result in cookies being added to your computer.

The contact information (phone or email address) that you provide in your Ask the EAP email signifies your agreement for us to use it to respond to your inquiry. We will attempt to reach you once by email and/or up to three times by phone, after which, we will wait for another contact by you. We will not leave voice mail messages other than to indicate that we called and to state our return phone number. We will limit the number of emails related to each problem to three, after which, we will require you to set up a face-to-face appointment through our intake department.

Questions about the EAP services, processes, and requests for general information or articles on a topic of interest are acceptable uses of the Ask the EAP service. This service is not a substitute for face-to-face counseling. No diagnoses, treatment, or referral recommendations will be provided over email. Clients should not use this service to communicate with their counselors about their case, and should not expect their counselors to initiate conversations with them over email.

Personal information provided to the EAP through the Ask the EAP service may be used short term, internally. For example, we may share your correspondence with appropriate members of our staff in order to address your questions. The EAP may use aggregate information from the Ask the EAP service to improve our services.

The total number of people that use the Ask the EAP service, by employer, may be tracked and included in utilization reports. No personally identifying information will be provided to employers or any third parties, except as required by law. See the Site Privacy and Data Collection Policy for information pertaining to Required Disclosures. Your information will not be sold, transmitted or licensed to any outside entity for any reason.

An email sent over Ask the EAP does not constitute a client relationship with the EAP and does not constitute a client’s permission to accept services from the EAP.

The Terms & Conditions of the Ask the EAP feature of this website were last updated on May 18, 2017.

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